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    Applied technology of natural cork for acoustic and bioclimatic insulation

    Acoustic Division – Energy Division

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Green building: Coverd philosophy

Coverd, a company made up of people who for 30 years, develops technologies for thermal, acoustic and bioclimatic promotion of solutions in full compliance with environmental problems

Eco-friendly Bio-climatic Green-Building:

Coverd offers technologies and solutions following this philosophy, well established in the Italian market for 30 years, by offering innovative products and systems for the thermal and acoustic insulation.


Bioverd® is the first system in Europe for the thermal “covering“ insulation (ETICS, External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) composed of natural light cork laid without mechanical anchors (dowels), CE marked (ETA 11/0263).


Kontro® is the only soundproof false ceiling that uses light cork panels, properly treated for the reaction to fire (B s1 d0 euro-class). The CE marking (CPD/0497/2001/07) guarantees the performance quality of the system.

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