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SIMPLe Ways in the Province of Lecco EXPO

itinerari_SIMPLE_WAYS_sistema_museale_cpt_enThe 2015 edition of the cultural tourist itineraries “SIMPLe Ways from the museums to the area, to Expo 2015 and beyond” is only one of many initiatives to help visitors rediscover and enjoy the rich and varied cultural heritage of the province of Lecco.

This publication, already a success in the fi rst edition, aims to provide the visitor with interesting ways to discover the collections in the Lecco Museum System, which counts a total of 29 museums to date. The aim is also to lead the visitor to extend their visit to the area itself with all its heritage sites and multifaceted beauty so that it becomes the real museum to explore.

We have created a virtuous network of itineraries which allow local or tourist to visit the area and enjoy the landscape and natural surroundings with an increased awareness of the historic, artistic and architectural heritage.

SIMPLe Ways are ten tourist itineraries exploring the Lecco branch of Lake Como, Valsassina, Val San Martino and Brianza, worthwhile destinations for visitors to the area who want to immerse themselves in the spectacular natural surroundings which still bear traces of the local heritage, at times until recently forgotten and only now rebuilt or restored.

These itineraries are the fruit of a coordinated effort by the museum administrations and the operators, often voluntary workers, to reach the objectives set by the Museum System: conservation, administration of the collections and above all, the promotion of our common heritage.

In this year of EXPO 2015 “Feed the planet, energy for life”, we have also focused on the typical foods in our area, often with oral testimony by local people and documents and objects from the ethnographic collections. Apart from visiting places of historical and artistic interest, there will be a chance to taste typical Lombard dishes, with ingredients from our mountains and waterways, with fi sh (lavaret, shad, perch, trout), dried meats and sausages and cheeses accompanied by a steaming dish of polenta, a drizzle of olive oil from the lake and the bouquet of the local wines.

We hope this will prove a useful and enjoyable guide to our local heritage and we wish all our readers who follow these itineraries a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in the province of Lecco.


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